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May 2018 Newsletter

News Extra for April 2018

The State Chancellor has approved the ASCCA College Degree, called ASCCA Degree. This new degree will allow a student to gain valuable work experience by working as student apprentices in specialty ASCCA independent repair dealerships. In order for a student to graduate with an ASCCA associates degree, students must complete approximately 12 units of work experience which is the equivalent of 900 hours of work performing specific competencies under the direction of a mentoring technician – supervisor, and evaluated by college faculty. We have found this model has been successfully used by manufacturers for many years, but is new to the association. The degree will provide the following benefits for shop owners and students:

• The general education required classes may be tailored to teach students management skills for business transition
• The students are attracted to owning their own business someday, and this degree places students with business owners
• The degree will produce students with validated work experience
• Students are more successful when they are a part of a cohort. The will be identified as ASCCA students while attending classes on campus, and may form an ASCCA club

The degree was formulated as a solution to training needs assessments by the Chapter 24 BOD who assigned: Dara, John E, and Brad to the education committee. This program has been in the works for at least four years, and we are extremely proud of the future opportunities this degree to will provide to shop owners, colleges, and students.

View the Approval Letter Here.