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Member Benefits


You have a paid lobbyist, a grass-roots government relations program and a voice at the California State Capitol as we work on issues that affect your daily life from workers’ compensation insurance reform to continuing employer mandates that drive you crazy. We also work on national issues when appropriate in order to make sure your interests are protected. For more information about our legislative program please visit our legislative section on this website.


You need information and we’ve got it. Newsletters, fax and email broadcasts, it’s all here. What’s going on in the industry? How can you make your business better? How can you attract and retain competent technicians? We can tell you. Please visit our News section of our website for more information about what’s available to members.


We take continuing education seriously. Learn how to manage your shops better. Learn how to deal with government regulations. Learn about marketing. Find scholarships for automotive technician students you may know. It’s all on our Education section, please navigate to the “Education” tab in the menu for more information.

ASCCA Code of Ethics:

  • To promote good will between the motorist and the automotive industry.
  • To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual as a customer.
  • To perform high quality service at a fair and just price.
  • To employ the best skilled personnel available.
  • To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms.
  • To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for services rendered.
  • To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection, if so requested.
  • To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry.
  • To uphold the integrity of all members.
  • To refrain from advertisement which is false or misleading or likely to confuse or deceive.